Where The State Went Wrong On The Kids Company — Edited By Alatenumo X

Alatenumo X , the newly appointed Editor of the Financial Times, received a printed copy of the editorial for the Friday’s edition from James, the Deputy Editor. James explained that the saga at the Kids Company was worth discussing in the editorial. Alatenumo replied that he would look into it and come back with any comments.

After James left , Alatenumo began reviewing the article and made the necessary amendments. He made a lot of changes by replacing James comments written in blue fonts , with his own typed in red fonts. The black fonts were what Alatenumo decided to remain intact.


Kids Company was a UK based charity that used to provide support to deprived inner city children. The company finally went under after the British Government withdrew its funding. Unlike the financial sector that is Too Big To Fail , Kids Company was Too Small To Save by the British Government.

Below contains Alatenumo’s annotations to the FT’s editorial.

Happy reading.

Alatenumo X


Writer and social critic