The Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome

Disclaimer: This is a work of Truth-Fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events could be coincidental. No identification with real persons (living or deceased), places, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Katherine Maskall was looking forward to her forthcoming wedding to John Woolsey in the summer. They had been engaged for five years, and Katherine was due to give birth to a son three months after the wedding. “I went into labour after receiving a text from John calling the wedding off because I am not vaccinated against Covid,” tearful Katherine said. “He made good his threat not to have anything to do with me and what he described as my half unvaccinated child.” Woolsey’s behaviour is an example of the Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome (UPSS), inflicting millions of people in the west.

Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome is an abnormal medical and sociological condition that causes the victim to have a phobia towards people who have not taken the Covid vaccine. Those who suffer from UPSS have an overwhelming and debilitating fear of unvaccinated people. “UPSS carriers comprise a broad church of politicians, media, celebrities, corporate executives and the general public,” says Kamal Abdul, a Brussels-based psychologist, “They are united in making life hell for the unvaccinated.” UPSS began to emerge shortly after the United Kingdom became the first country to deploy an approved COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020. After western governments had given their population the chance to get vaccinated, politicians implemented a two-tier society of vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens through the deployment of vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and vaccine slurs. Those who refrained from getting vaccinated were cut off from society. Kelly Smith, who contracted the disease in May 2021, says, “Whenever I come into contact with the unvaccinated, my heart starts pounding, my hand becomes sweaty, and I experience unusual brain patterns. I am more afraid of the unvaccinated than of Covid.”

How did discriminating against the unvaccinated segment of society become the norm in the west? Jide, who did not want to give his last name, says, “While politicians planted the seeds of division, the media watered the seed and provided the enabling environment to let the Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome run amok by instilling fear into people’s minds.” Alatenumo Times could not verify this claim. Angela Bell, a Professor of Media Studies at Dodan University, argues that when the media broadcasts Covid deaths and hospitalizations on a half-hourly basis for the past two years, it creates resentment towards the unvaccinated. “Once people have been conditioned to be suspicious of the unvaccinated, it is easier for the public to support the government’s discriminatory policies against the unvaccinated,” says Josephine, an unvaccinated teacher who did not give us her real name for fear of being cancelled by the Covid thought police.

UPSS Symptoms

Some UPSS symptoms are plain to see, while others are difficult to detect. Relishing on the death of the unvaccinated is a major pastime for some UPSS victims. Mocking dead unvaccinated people is what some commentators describe as the new pandemic blood sport. Luke Wellington, a London-based solicitor, is one of the UK’s most prominent ghouls. His bedroom wallpaper is plastered with newspaper clippings, “Eccentric French twins die of Covid-19 after refusing vaccine three days after Anti-vax Olympian and Antivax Italian priest die of Covid.” Luke says, “I get an orgasm whenever I read a headline about an unvaccinated person who has died of Covid.” Another manifestation of UPSS is the urge to cancel the unvaccinated and those opposed to vaccines and vaccine mandates. These carriers spend hours searching social media for anti-vaccine sentiments and then report to the relevant authorities to get the so-called anti-vaxxers voice silenced. “Anti-vaxxers are dangerous people causing the death of millions of people worldwide,” says Ben Davis, “Cancelling them is my responsibility as a United States citizen. They should not have a voice.” Ian Hills, a Covid Thought Police, has a more radical solution, “Cancelling those who oppose vaccine mandates and vaccine passports will not solve the problem. We should evaporate them as this will deal with the problem once for all.” Some have resulted in replacing the word “Vaccine” with “Va((ine” to escape the gaze of the Vaccine Thought Police.

Several UPSS victims are also quick to use labels to demonize those who hold views contrary to the government’s position on vaccines, mandates and passports. The terms anti-vaxxer, refuseniks and Covidiots have become prevalent in the last two years. “I can’t stick those who don’t want to take the vaccine,” says Sophie Winterfrost, a recent inductee into the Unvaccinated Haters Hall of Fame, “They are racists, eugenicist, QAnon conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters who are risking lives.” Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister who some claim was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq, said if “You’ve got no health reasons for not being unvaccinated; you’re not just irresponsible. You’re an idiot.

Blaming the unvaccinated is quite common among UPSS carriers. They blame the unvaccinated for all the loss of freedom and anxiety resulting from the pandemic. Robin Jackson, who is currently undergoing treatment for UPSS, says, “The unvaccinated are the cause of everything wrong in this country. They are the reason England has not won any international football tournament since 1966 and why our weather sucks.”

UPSS victims love to see the unvaccinated suffer. Several western political leaders have implemented policies to deny the unvaccinated from living everyday life. In Italy, France and Australia, the unvaccinated have become outcasts where they cannot go to restaurants, cinemas, shops and gyms. French President Emmanuel Macron displayed this syndrome when he said that part of his coronavirus strategy was to shit on the unvaccinated. However, Canada’s paramount ruler, Justin ‘Honey boy’ Trudeau, has a more advanced form of Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome. Upon his election, many saw Trudeau as a breath of fresh ear. His boyish looks and calm demeanour enchanted millions within and outside of Canada. However, since he was diagnosed with Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome in December 2020, he has become a different person. In his stand-off with the Freedom Convoy, a group of Canadian trucker drivers protesting against vaccine mandates, he has described the protesters as racists and misogynists. A couple of days ago, he invoked the Emergency Act, which gives him extraordinary powers that would have made even Spain’s General Francisco Franco green with envy. In addition, he threatened to freeze the protester’s bank account. Professor Aminab Shai, a Canadian researcher, is not surprised. “There is no difference between Trudeau and Trump. It is the classic fox and wolf analogy. The lamb can easily avoid Trump the wolf because it knows what to expect, but with Trudeau the fox, the lamb is deceived by his liberalism and ends up as a lamb chop on his plate.”

The political and media elites are super UPSS spreaders. They have inflicted the general public through their action and created an environment of hostility towards the unvaccinated. A spokeswoman for a senior government official in the EU who declined to give her name told Alatenumo Times, “We are happy with UPSS. It is the classic divide and rule tactic; we get the vaccinated suspicious of the unvaccinated and vice versa; as they are on each other’s throat, we smile to the bank and increase our poll rating.” Ground-breaking research by Cornel Dyson, a cardiologist at Sacred Heart Hospital in California, revealed that UPSS impacts the heart, “It creates a condition where the heart of flesh is replaced by a heart made of iron, and this explains the lack of compassion towards the unvaccinated in the west.” In his best-selling book, How to Get the Public to Hate, Kenny Meredith notes, “When you have a country in a state of chaos, it provides a breeding ground for free-floating anxiety. As people turn to their leaders for the solution, they can easily become hypnotized and led to target a voiceless and weak minority.

At the onset of the pandemic, the world was united against the pandemic; however, since the vaccine introduction, the war against Covid has now morphed into a war against the unvaccinated. “I am furious at the unvaccinated, and I am not ashamed of disclosing that. I am no longer trying to understand or educate them,” says Matthias Luther Wunderlich, a Berlin-based engineer. According to a survey conducted in Canada by Maru Public Opinion, 27% of the respondents felt it was okay to jail the unvaccinated, and 54% said they don’t have sympathy for the unvaccinated who get seriously ill or die from COVID. Another poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute in the USA revealed that 45% of the respondents from the Democratic party supported the use of internment camps for the unvaccinated, while 29% supported the state taking their children. Forty-eight percent supported prison terms for those who question vaccine efficacy on social media. Colin Bell, an Australian futurologist, says, “I expect the emergence of a smart technology that can distinguish between the air supplies based on vaccination status within the next three years. With this technology, governments can easily cut off the air supply for the unvaccinated.”

One side effect of UPSS is that it leads to historical amnesia. In A Power Governments Cannot Suppress, Howard Zinn, the US historian and activist, wrote, “If we don’t know history, then we are ready meat for carnivorous politicians, intellectuals, and journalists who supply the carving knives.” The failure to appreciate history is one of the reasons why people fail to see parallels between what is happening today and what took place in Apartheid South AfriKKKa and Jim Crow AmeriKKKA. For example, when Novak Djokovic, the tennis superstar, told BBC that he was ready to forgo playing at Wimbledon and French Open if vaccination became a condition for playing, many UPSS carriers could not see the similarities with Mohammad Ali stance on the Vietnam war. “How dare the anti-vaxxers compare Novax Djocovid with Ali,” says Stephen Thomson, “ Unlike Novax, Ali refused to fight in Vietnam because of his convictions, was ready to give up competing in his prime and went against popular opinion.”

Moral Crime

Some commentators have described segregation against the unvaccinated as a moral crime. Bari Weiss, an American writer speaking on Real-Time, said, “You will realize that you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be asymptomatic in carrying Omicron. And you realize, most importantly, that this will be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime.” Bishop Ajibade Cole, the Senior Pastor at Revival Unvaccinated Assembly, says, “We have lost our moral compass. We see unvaccinated patients denied heart transplants. Unvaccinated parents can’t see their children in the hospital. We now see respected journalists calling for the unvaccinated to be treated as social pariahs.

Treating UPSS

Doctors can treat all types of Unva((inated Phobia Sufficiency Syndrome. UPSS carriers can rid themselves of the disease by seeing the humanity in the unvaccinated. They should also critically examine what political leaders and media say about the unvaccinated. According to Esther Wakefield, a psychiatrist at Royal Haven Clinic, “This irrational fear of the unvaccinated would make sense if it were only the unvaxxed spreading the virus. Contrary to what we were told at the onset, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can contract, transmit, be hospitalized and die from Covid.” As scientists work to find a solution for the virus, some are developing a tablet to cure UPSS. Finding a cure for UPSS cannot come sooner for Rosemary Farrow, who is married to a carrier, “If this trend of treating the unvaccinated like second class citizens continues, we will reach a stage where a violent uprising will become inevitable.


Ahmed Olayinka Sule, CFA


February 2022



Writer and social critic

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