by Alatenumo

It’s been a week since the most extra astonishing event in human history occurred. According to a number of eyewitnesses, the ALPHA who was executed 45 days ago is reported to be alive and ascended into heaven. “It was unbelievable,” says, Chijioke Ezenwa, a close associate of the ALMIGHTY, “One moment he was talking to us face to face, the next moment, we saw him rising up into the sky.” This is the first time in world history that someone has come back from the dead without any external influence. The ADVOCATE was born 33 years ago under extraordinary circumstances. During the early years of his life, not much was heard about him until the age of 30 when he began his career which was characterised by great feats like turning water to wine, walking on water, forgiving sins and healing people of leprosy, blindness and deafness.

The events leading to this historic event of the AMEN’s resurrection can be traced to the BELOVED SON’s journey to Jerusalem along with his friends. When he reached Bethany, he asked a colleague to get a donkey. When it arrived, the BEGINNING OF CREATION got on it and began the ride into Jerusalem. “I started hearing people shouting”, says Clementina, a long-term resident of Jerusalem, “Then I saw this man on a donkey approaching the town centre and people were throwing their clothes on the ground so that the donkey and the rider would not touch the ground. Everyone was saying blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” Some of the residents were unimpressed, “When I heard a King was arriving, I expected to see a warrior holding a spear and riding a chariot, but all I saw was a man who looked like he could not hurt a fly sitting on top of a donkey”, says Adaeze Iwanyawu, a fruit seller. The following day, the BREAD OF LIFE went to a church and he saw how the church leaders had converted the place of worship into a currency and cattle market. “As I was about to receive money from a customer, the CORNERSTONE came to my stall and turned my table upside down,” says Jumoke Owolabi, a currency trader who incurred serious financial losses as a result of the COUNSELLOR’s action, “He told me that I had made his house a place for robbery instead of a place of prayers.” The CREATOR’s disruption of the commercial activities led people to question who gave him the authority to do it and he told them to destroy the temple and in three days he would rebuild it. From this moment, the DAYSPRING became a marked man.


The DELIVERER was becoming a thorn in the flesh of the religious leaders, who were secretly looking for a way to kill him. In an exclusive interview with Alatenumo Times, Pastor Ajibade Cole, the Senior Minister of Mammon Apostolic Ministry said, “Jesus kept on rubbing me and my colleagues in the wrong way; this uneducated carpenter humiliated us publicly by accusing us of preaching a dead religion, teaching what we did not practice and being clean on the outside but dirty inside.” After the public disgrace, the pastors began looking for a suitable person to betray the ELECT OF GOD and after a long search, they found their man — Judas Iscariot, a close associate of the FIRST BEGOTTEN, who travelled throughout the country with him. “We knew Judas loved money because, in his role as treasurer, he usually stole money,” says Bishop Solomon Coker, the secretary general of Jesus Haters Club, “So thirty pieces of silver was more than enough to get Judas to sell his good friend.”

Bloody Friday

On Thursday night, the FORERUNNER gathered his friends together in an upstairs flat and as they were about to eat, the GOOD SHEPHERD got a loaf of bread, broke it into two and he shared a cup of wine with his associates. “I was so hungry and as I was looking at the bread, the GOVERNOR told us we were eating his body and drinking his blood,” says Andrew Chibuzor who was in the upper room. According to Professor Dolapo Alabi, a lecturer at Triumph University, “The GREAT PHYSICIAN was indirectly telling his friends that he will be executed on the cross so as to replace a previously broken covenant between God and the human race.”

After the HEAD OF THE CHURCH and his crew finished their meal, they left the room and walked up a mountain. HIS MAJESTY then went to a garden at Gethsemane to pray. “He seemed to take forever to pray,” says Peter Oluwatobi, one of Jesus closest friends, “I was so tired and after he had prayed for an hour, he came back and found me sleeping.” The HOLY CHILD was in agony because of what was about to happen. “When the HOLY ONE was talking to his father, he looked stressed and he was sweating blood,” says Etim Bassey, “I think he was concerned that he was going to be separated from his father.”

Once the ‘I AM’ had finished talking with his father, he woke his friends who were snoring. As they started walking, they saw a crowd of people carrying cutlasses and Judas approached the IMAGE OF GOD and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Immediately, the crowd seized Jesus. “I was so angry when they seized IMMANUEL,” says Simon Effiong, “I got a cutlass and slashed the ears of one of the attackers. But instead of Jesus fighting, he picked the man’s ear from the floor and restored it back to its rightful place.” Like a lamb led to the slaughter, the KING OF KINGS was led to face justice, while his friends deserted him.

The haters tried to find a basis of a charge against the KING OF SAINTS, so they got some people to witness to against the LAMB OF GOD, but none of the charges stuck. When one of the priests asked him if he was the Son of God, Jesus told him that he would see him sitting beside God and coming out of the clouds. The LAWGIVER was accused of blasphemy. The LORD OF ALL faced six separate trials ranging from a trial at the Sanhedrin Court to an audience with Pontius Pilate. The MEDIATOR was subjected to physical abuse by the soldiers who spat on his face and whipped him. “The whipping was horrendous,” says Abubakar Hassan, a retired teacher, “He was stripped naked and his hands were tied to a post. As the soldiers began lashing him, the floor turned red with his blood and his back was torn open.” After the beating, he was sentenced to death.


The authorities commissioned Olabisi Ogunmola, a prominent carpenter to construct the cross which was used for the PRINCE OF PEACE execution. “The cross was around 8 feet tall and the horizontal beam where the PROPHET’s arms were outstretched was 5 feet long,” says Ogunmola. A crown of thorns was placed on his head and blood started to drip from his head and the bloodied MESSIAH was forced to carry the cross to his place of execution at Golgotha. Because of the lashes he had endured, the MIGHTY ONE kept falling down as the onlookers jeered. “As I watched the MORNING STAR struggle with the cross, one of the soldiers forced me to carry the beam of the cross for the NAZARENE,” says Simon Azikwe, a tourist from Cyrene, “It was so heavy.” Afterwards, the REDEEMER feet’s and hands were nailed to the cross and he was hoisted up in front of a cheering crowd. A couple of hours later, the ROCK gave up the ghost. “I saw everything”, says a soldier who declined to give his name, “When he struggled to breathe he called for Elijah about three or four times. I expected Elijah to come and save him, but nothing happened. He later said it is finished and then bowed his head.”

The pathologist report indicated that the RESURRECTION AND LIFE died of asphyxiation. According to Dr Serena Manyonda, a Consultant Pathologist at Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital, “As the ROOT OF DAVID hung on the cross, the weight of his body caused him to slump, which put the weight of his body on the nails through his wrist. This lead to a compression of his lungs which made it difficult for him to breath. As the ROSE OF SHARON became weak he could no longer lift himself on his nailed feet to take a breath and shortly after he died from asphyxiation.


The SAVIOUR’s dead body was brought down from the cross and a rich man took his body and buried him in a tomb which was sealed and guarded by an officer. Three days after Jesus death, two ladies named Mary went to the tomb and found the seal open. “When we reached his grave, we saw two men dressed in bright clothes and they told us that Jesus was alive,” says Mary Majekodunmi, “I looked into the tomb and found it empty. A couple of minutes later, I saw Jesus.” The SHEPHERD also appeared to his close friends. According to Thomas Ajayi, “When my friends told me that the SON OF DAVID was alive, I didn’t believe them. I had to see the wounds on his feet and hands and put my finger through it. But the moment I saw him in the room, my doubts disappeared.” Besides his close friends, the SON OF THE BLESSED was spotted by two people when they were walking to Emmaus. He also appeared to five hundred people at the same time.

In spite of the prevailing evidence which supports the SON OF GOD’s death and resurrection, some sceptics have been questioning the event. “I doubt Jesus is alive, “says Jimoh Oshinowo, a long-time critic of THE JUST ONE, “Either someone else was on the cross or somebody stole THE LIFE’s body when he was buried.”


The ramifications of the TRUE LIGHT’s death and resurrection is expected to last a very long time. “Evil may so shape events that Caesar will occupy a palace and Christ a cross, but that same Christ arose and split history into A.D. and B.C. so that even the life of Caesar must be dated by his name,” says Martin King.

Prior to the TRUE VINE’s death on the cross, sin separated humanity from God, but when the TRUTH went to Golgotha and came back alive, he bridged the chasm that existed between mankind and YAHWEH. “Through his resurrection from the dead, the WITNESS has demonstrated that he has dominion over death, “says Emeka Iwela “Those who confess that the WORD is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, will get the greatest gift of all times — Salvation.”

By conquering death, the OMEGA has granted eternal life to those who believe.

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Easter message: “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

Happy Easter