Serena Williams Engagement To Alexis Ohanian: Black Twitter, Let’s celebrate with our Black Queen and stop the Black on Black Digital Violence

2 min readDec 30, 2016


Dear Black Twitter,

Less than twenty-four hours after Sister Serena informed the world of her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, Black Twitter has been in war mode. Instead of rejoicing and congratulating our beloved Queen, we have resulted to digital violence on each other. Some black men (BM) are complaining that Queen Serena has betrayed her race by getting engaged to a “white man”, while some Black women (BM) are claiming that most black men are bitter because Serena is engaged to Alexis. Some claim that BM are always describing Queen Serena as ugly, masculine and muscular; others claim that BM are now complaining about her engagement to a white man after refusing to marry her and wasting her time; while others say BM are crying even though black men celebrities are “always” dating white women. Memes showing BM crying and shocked are being retweeted.

Admittedly, there are some BM who might harbor such evil sentiments towards Queen Serena, but it is a false narrative to attribute the vitriol which has been thrown at Queen Serena over the years to the feet of BM. IMHO, when it comes to Queen Serena, BM appreciate her beauty, with many describing her as the quintessential BW. It is unfortunate that the racist comments directed at Serena over the past decade have somehow been tagged to BM in the last 24 hours.

For those BM who are moaning about Serena’s engagement to Alexis, they should get a life. Serena has the right to marry anyone who she wants to whether he is black, white, yellow, red, orange, purple or green. Why does she have to explain and be attacked for saying “Yes” to Alexis? What matters most is that Serena loves him and he treats her right.

My message to Black Twitter is to stop the infighting and celebrate and rejoice with our wonderful sister and Queen. 2017 is a critical year for the Queen as she goes deeper in her romantic journey with Alexis and she bids to win more Grand Slam titles and cement her place as the Greatest Athlete of All Time. She needs the support of Black Twitter to DEFEND HER LEGACY against the racists and naysayers who don’t wish her well. Let’s unite and fight for our Queen, love our Queen and celebrate our Queen, rather than pull each other down.

Happy New Year.

Viva Serena
Congrats Serena
Serena Rocks.