Photo Analytics: What is White Privilege?




A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group

White Privilege is when you can grow your beard and be described as a hipster, while others who have an outgrown beards are looked suspiciously as terrorists.

White Privilege is when you are not charged or arrested for being a sexual predator while others are charged and arrested for committing the same crime.

White Privilege is when a judge refuses to jail you for stabbing someone because she attended Oxford University, but when a Black Cambridge undergraduate calls all White people racist, he receives death threats.

White Privilege is when Wayne Rooney is shown more humanely even though he was arrested for drunk driving while Tiger Wood’s mug shot is plastered throughout the media because he was caught driving under the influence.

White Privilege is when a Western super power drops a bomb on the innocent and it is described as collateral damage. Meanwhile, when another country does something similar it is called a war crime.

White Privilege is when someone is taken to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity while another is not investigated for crimes against humanity.

White Privilege is when Maria Sharapova gained admission to an Executive Course at Harvard University and was embraced by the tennis aristocracy even though she was banned for doping. In contrast, Marion Jones gained admission to prison in the aftermath of her doping offence.

White Privilege is when you can take drugs, lose to your competitor 18 times in a row and still earn more respect, more reward and more recognition than your nemesis. Meanwhile, a Black woman who wins 23 Grand Slam and has a superior head to head against her rivals doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

White Privilege is when a White supremacist can enter a church, kill nine black people and then be called an insane lone wolf. Meanwhile, a person driven by religious ideology to kill a man is called a terrorist without any reference to mental health issues.

White Privilege is when you can kill nine people and the police still offer you a burger, but when you are a 12-year-old little boy playing with a toy gun, you are not allowed to live to play with your toy.

White Privilege is when you are allowed into the classroom because you have blonde hair, but sent back home for having a kinky black Afro.

White Privilege is when you find it too difficult to pronounce Tijani Musibau but have no problem pronouncing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

White Privilege is when you hold a minute silent to honour those died in World War I & II and 9/11 attack, yet when others remember the tragedy of the Trans-Atlantic slavery and colonialism they are told to get over it and stop playing the race card.

White Privilege is when you are not jailed despite your involvement in one of the greatest insider dealing scandal because your name is Steven Cohen, but you are sentenced to seven years in prison for unauthorised trading while your White bosses are not implicated because your name is Kweku Adoboli.

White Privilege is when people are killed in London, Paris and Las Vegas, the massacre makes the front pages but when people get slaughtered in Turkey, Nigeria and Somalia it barely gets a mention.

White Privilege is when we are asked to pray for Paris but not for Mogadishu and Maiduguri.

White Privilege is when White paedophiles are held responsible for their crimes only after their death while brown paedophiles are held responsible for their crime when they are alive.

“Living when you might otherwise be dead if you were black or brown is the ultimate form of white privilege”

— Michael Eric Dyson

“How can I define white privilege? It’s so difficult to describe an absence. And white privilege is an absence of the consequences of racism. An absence of structural discrimination, an absence of your race being viewed as a problem first and foremost, an absence of ‘less likely to succeed because of my race’. It is an absence of funny looks directed at you because you’re believed to be in the wrong place, an absence of cultural expectations, an absence of violence enacted on your ancestors because of the colour of their skin, an absence of a lifetime of subtle marginalisation and othering — exclusion from the narrative of being human.” — Reni Eddo-Lodge

Writer and social critic