Jason Whitlock Awarded the Serena Williams Player Haters Lifetime Achievement Award

Jason Whitlock has been awarded The Serena Williams Player Haters Lifetime Achievement Award. Whitlock is the first recipient of this award, which he will receive on 31 December 2017 as part of the Serena Williams Player Haters Hall of Fame ceremony. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to anyone who has made a major impact in dehumanizing Serena Williams during their lifetime.

Ever since Serena burst onto the tennis scene in the late nineties, Whitlock has dismissed, disrespected and disparaged her. He has used his bully pulpit in some of the leading media houses to rain abuses upon the 23 Grand Slam winner. “There is no one more deserving of this award”, says Alatenumo Baldwin, the Secretary of Serena Williams Player Haters Hall of Fame, “His ultimate goal is to see Serena destroyed.” In 2009, he wrote the most hateful article ever written about Serena. The article was so destructive that even the KKK condemned it. His body slamming of Serena made Ben Rothenberg’s (a Serena Williams Hater Hall of Famer) acerbic opinion piece in the New York Times about Serena look like child’s play. Whitlock wrote that Serena could be as great as Michael Johnson if she reduced her glut and with “a little less butt.” He suggested that she lacked the courage to fulfill her destiny. He wrote, “She’d rather eat, half-ass her way through non-major tournaments and complain she’s not getting the respect her 11-major-championships résumé demands. She complains about being ranked №2 in the world when she’s not bitching on Twitter or her blog about new rules that forbid Wimbledon players from eating in the locker room.”

When Serena and her sister Venus were scheduled to meet in the fourth round of Wimbledon, Whitlock said that the matches between the two sisters are rigged by their father Richard Williams. In an article titled ‘Quite simply, Serena’s at fault’, he questioned her intelligence, writing, “Serena Williams has the self-awareness of an infant that has yet to pass the mirror test.” He justified racial hatred towards Serena by noting that no one should apologize for disliking Serena or pointing to her lack of class. Whitlock was also critical of Serena when she celebrated her 2012 Olympic demolition of Sharapova with a dance, which he likened to a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church.

Whitlock will be given his award of thirty pieces of silver at the ceremony.

Jason Whitlock (@WhitlockJason) is Fox Sports 1 America’s Guiltiest Pleasure.

About SWPHHOF: The Serena Williams Player Haters Hall of Fame is open to individuals and Organizations that go the extra mile to ridicule Serena Williams. Previous inductees include Ben Rothenberg, Alison Boshoff and David Frum and ESPN.

30 November 2017






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Writer and social critic

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