Dear Rt Hon Suella Braverman

4 min readNov 16, 2023


When I heard of your sacking as Home Secretary by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, I was in a state of shock. I locked myself in a room for three days and cried my eyes out. Hence, I am only writing this letter now. Before I continue, I would like to ask for a favour. Please do not share the contents of this letter with anybody because I don’t want to be labelled by the woke crowd as a traitor to my race.

I am one of your greatest admirers, and I have a large-sized portrait of you in my study. My wife, who is white and is a card-carrying member of the English Defence League, is also a massive fan of yours. Even though I look black, be rest assured that I have a white-washed brain.

Madam Braverman, there is nothing to be ashamed of in getting your P45. In 384 days, you revolutionised what it means to be a Home Secretary. Your acerbic rhetoric, gaslighting tactics and dog-whistling calls changed the game. How you were able to make Enoch Powell sound like Martin Luther King and Dame Priti Patel, sound like Mother Theresa is the stuff of legends. Well done. Your place in history is assured.

With Britain being the greatest purveyor of violence against the non-white population of the world, it is critical that we have a strong leader. Unfortunately, Rishi Sunak does not make the cut. He is a wimp. As you told the Prime Minister in response to your sacking, “While disappointing, this is for the best.” This is so true. You have escaped a sinking ship. When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is kicked out of office next year, you can bid to be the next Conservative Party’s leader. I am confident in a few years, you will be our Prime Minister as you have the support of the silent majority — people like me who are not happy that black and brown people are overtaking Britain. Something drastic needs to be done; otherwise, the white race in Britain will soon become extinct. As Winston Churchill put it, we should “Keep Britain White.”

But to do the job at hand, you must have a heart of stone. Ignore the fact that many people were beaten, jailed, and some even died in the past so that you could be in this position to throw your people under the bus. Tell the nay-sayers that if you could pull yourself by your bootstrap, why can’t others do likewise?

I was also gutted to hear that the Supreme Court overturned your signature policy to ship black and brown illegal aliens to Rwanda. When you become Prime Minister, I urge you to introduce an emergency law to send all the black and brown people in Britain (irrespective of immigration status) to the Sahara desert. We can’t afford to leave our borders open. It makes perfect sense for our adopted white ancestors to go around the world enslaving black people, colonising brown people, exterminating red people, and for the present-day British politicians to prevent the colonised descendants from coming here to escape poverty and persecution. You should and must legislate for all property owners to put on their windows “No Blacks, No Homeless and No Muslims.”

Since your parents are of Indian origin and immigrated here from Mauritius and Kenya, I understand your passion for ensuring that others like you never get the opportunity to come to Britain. I am so sure that if you were the Home Secretary in the 1960s when your parents came, you would not only have deported your parents back to Kenya but would have even deported yourself many times over.

Whenever people call me Uncle Tom, I take it as a badge of honour, as it means I am ready to throw people of my race under the bus to get white approval. I hope you feel the same. I know this is a difficult time, but I plead with you to be true to your name. After all, if Priti Patel is pretty stern and Rishi Sunak is risk-averse, then you, Suella Braverman, should be brutally brave. We still have so much unfinished business, such as capsizing the boats, deporting the blacks, and kicking the homeless out of the country, which hopefully you should be able to complete when you get into Downing Street.

Please do not let your haters control the narrative. They might describe you as a populist, inflammatory, or controversial. When they do, tell them that sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will not hurt you. Madam Braveman, be rest assured that you are on the right side of history. Thanks to your exemplary job as Home Secretary, you are in good company with the likes of Marcus Junius Brutus, Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, Mir Jafar and Samuel Ladoke Akintola.

The beauty of having an ethnic minority like you in power is that you can do things that a white Home Secretary would never get away with. Imagine the uproar if a white Home Secretary came up with a policy to send black and brown immigrants to Rwanda. So when you become Prime Minister, go further. Why stop at sending them to Rwanda when you can send them to the Sahara desert? Why stop at saying grooming gangs are “almost all British-Pakistani men” when all you have to do is criminalise every non-white man? When anyone suggests that your policy is discriminatory or racist, all you have to do is keep a straight face, look directly into the camera and say, “How can it be racist when I am brown?

Finally, take heart and keep the faith. Once you have completed the project to keep Britain white, I am sure you will get the honour you deserve — a Damehood and thirty pieces of silver for services rendered to King and Country.


Alatenumo Reckless III

November 2023