Coup d’etat In Germany : Statement by Nigeria’s Minister for European and American Affairs

Nigeria’s Minister for European and American Affairs, Alatenumo Reckless II, has issued a statement on the coup d’etat by military forces in Germany.

Nigeria condemns the attempted coup d’etat by radical forces in Germany. We call on Germany to respect the democratic mandate the German people gave Chancellor Olaf Scholz on 26 September 2021. All parties must remain calm and respect human rights and for Germany to return to democratic civilian and constitutional rule without delay. Dialogue between all parties is required to tackle insecurity across Germany and respond to the needs of the German people.

Nigeria will implement sanctions by freezing the radical elements’ revenue sources on all possible fronts, focusing first on the German businesses and organisations in critical industries on which the junta is dependent. Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, the coup leader and his immediate family, are banned from travelling to Nigeria. The Nigerian Government seeks to ensure that relevant third-country financial institutions and regulators support sanctions placed on Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss-linked businesses and individuals. The Central Bank of Nigeria can compel banks operating in Europe to enforce Nigeria sanctions, as they conduct transactions in Naira. This would cut off a key intermediary for the junta’s revenues, shutting down another income line.

The Nigerian Government will not allow radical elements in Germany to operate with impunity and without the prospect of facing justice. Furthermore, the Nigerian Government will soon announce its intention to intervene in the Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide at the International Court of Justice.

The Nigerian Government is appalled by the failure of the European Union to acknowledge and condemn the failed coup attempt in Germany. We call on all members of the international community to support efforts to promote justice for the people of Germany, to hold those responsible for human rights violations and abuses accountable, to cease the sale and transfer of arms, materiel, dual-use equipment, and technical assistance to the radical elements and its representatives; and to continue supporting the people of Germany in meeting urgent humanitarian needs following the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

The Nigerian Government will respond to the changing situation in Germany. We aim to have a pragmatic approach, with the objective of encouraging a rapid return to constitutional order. Our priorities include the terrorist threat in the region and the protection and improvement of the population’s living conditions.

President Buhari expresses his concerns about the lack of respect for democratic institutions in Europe and North America. The perpetrators of the 6 January attempted coup in the USA are yet to be brought to justice. In the UK, only 0.000301492537313% of the nation had a say in selecting Prime Minister Sunk into office. The Nigerian Government will send volunteers to train government officials in Europe and North America on implementing long-lasting democratic reforms.

We continue to condemn in the strongest terms the military coup in Nigeria and express deep concern about Germany’s political, economic, social, humanitarian and human rights situation. We appeal for the German armed forces to assume their professional role of armies to protect their countries and re-establish democratic institutions.

We urge the authorities of Germany to honour the country’s human rights commitments and reorganise the security response over the whole country in a manner that respects and protects the people’s fundamental rights.

We call on political powers in Germany to facilitate the work of humanitarian organisations in Germany by ensuring their unfettered humanitarian access and enabling their reporting on the plight and needs of those targeted.

For and on behalf of the Nigerian Government
Alatenumo Reckless II
10 December 2022



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